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Since its inception, Leyton Homes have thrived on strong principles. From generation to generation, our core values have been the building block of what we do, how we do it and what’s important to our stakeholders.
Today, our values remain at the forefront of our company’s vision, they help us forge strong relationships to keep improving our services. 

Our mission is to create innovative real estate for users and investors alike. Only by conducting quality construction services at fair market prices, whilst maintaining the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty, and fairness in our relationships with our suppliers, professional associates and customers can we accomplish this.


Tall Buildings


We have access to a wide network of agents and vendors specialising in the procurement of unconditional land nationwide.

By following a robust approach of due diligence when it comes to the acquisition of new sites, our in-house team of experts carry out an initial assessment of any potential project including a detailed financial/investment appraisal whilst taking into account any possible economic and fiscal variables which could potentially affect their viability. This vigorous process helps us to remain within the tolerable limits of expected returns/profits of any given project and enable us to move swiftly with opportunities arise.


Our ability to maximise the potential of a desirable development gives us the confidence to buy land, regardless of planning status. 

With extensive industry experience, our team's expertise and in-depth working knowledge allows us to work effectively with a range of industry professionals, including planning consultants, architects, surveyors and other specialist professionals to identify any issues that may be faced during the planning process and secure planning solutions for even the most challenging projects. 

Design Book
Interior Designer at Work


Our impeccable attention to detail, combined with classic architectural values and latest interior trends has enabled us to grow a diverse portfolio of development projects to include houses, apartment blocks and commercial buildings.

Drawing on the experience and knowledge of our in house experts, we are able to successfully adhere to all and any necessary compliance including latest building regulations, conservation area needs and planning constrains.

Whilst always striving to be more innovate and adaptable, our design ethics and cutting edge technology allows us to achieve required energy efficiencies by being more sustainable. 


Once designed, we take pride in developing our sites ourselves to ensure the timely delivery of any development whilst maintaining the expected quality of construction. This give us an upper hand in comparison with a number of other developers who depend on third party principle contractors. At the same time, we have been working with a number of specialist sub-contractors for several years including ground workers, bricklayers, electrical and mechanical contractors, plasterers, carpenters and decorators etc. A long established working relationships with such contractors gives us confidence over maintaining quality control, securing necessary warranties within required timescales whilst remaining within budget variances. 

Construction Crane


“As much as a necessity, I believe living is an art created individually by every human being in a unique way influenced by their own taste, needs and satisfaction. However, most dwellers often live their lives only dreaming about such artistic lifestyle even when they move into newly built homes!


Having developed various housing and commercial projects in the past in a traditional way, I realised that people deserve more than just a shelter – they deserve a “home” of their own taste that fulfils their day-to-day needs where they live a satisfied life. Therefore, to give dwellers such a “home”, I created a brand – Leyton Homes. This idea has been influenced by the ways in which past, current and future generations have or will live their lives and how they would like to live a life suitable to their own values and standards.


Our primary goal, whilst keeping us financially afloat as a profitable business enterprise, is to bridge the gap between the artistic living and practicalities. To achieve this, we are constantly exploring and implementing innovative ways of development. At the same time, to keep our developments affordable, we are always striving to add value engineering into the ways in which we construct and yet keeping them compliant.


Our other most important aim is to stay ahead by tirelessly exploring and inventing new materials, technologies and methodologies of construction that make our dwellings sustainable so that we can contribute to protect our climate and the environment.”



Grandmother and Granddaughter


Sustainability is no longer a goal. It's a necessity. It's work. That's why we spare no effort to design buildings that allow for the most efficient use of resources, minimalising consumption, emissions and even maintenance costs. 


As part of our commitment to environmental issues, Leyton Homes is a responsible developer, ensuring sustainability from land acquisition, through design and construction, to sales and the provision of services for our purchasers. 


Leyton Homes believes that optimising sustainability potential in new developments provides long term benefits for the customer, the local community and the environment.

Green Buildings


Leyton Homes
Neville House, 
42 - 46 Hagley Road, 


B16 8PE

United Kingdom

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